Omar Sharif Bridge

Omar Sharif Bridge 3.00

Play the classic card game on your Pocket PC


  • Lots of game setup options
  • Customizable bidding conventions
  • Clear presentation


  • No help for novices

Very good

For those of you not aware of him, Omar Sharif used to be a famous film star. Then he got bored of that and took up Bridge. When he was fed up with that he decided to lend his name to a popular series of Bridge PC games. I don't know what he's up to now. Perhaps he's making a new film about forging a successful Bridge playing career.

Anyway, thanks to Omar you can now play Bridge wherever you go even if you don't have any cards or anyone to play with. This Pocket PC version of the Omar Sharif Bridge game sees you pit your strategic skills against a computer opponent in order to win cash (not real cash, obviously).

For those of you familiar with Bridge, it supports ACOL and Standard bidding systems and works with five card majors, strong two clubs, weak 1NT, Jacoby transfers and 2NT 11-12 points conventions. If all this means nothing to you then I suggest you go and learn online before you play, because sadly, there isn't much of a help system in the game, other than in-game hints.

If you're a bit of a Bridge fanatic though, you'll love Omar Sharif Bridge. What I loved about it was its combination of clear presentation and its wealth of game options. Not only can you completely customize the cards and the game set-up, you can also tweak the bidding conventions depending on the rules that you're used to.

Although the card graphics are rather small, they're still clear enough, and the inclusion of sound effects adds to the game's overall appeal.

If you fancy trying your hand at Bridge on your PDA, they don't come much better than Omar Sharif bridge.

Omar Sharif Bridge


Omar Sharif Bridge 3.00

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